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3 Handled Wine Corker

3 Handled Wine Corker
3 Handled Wine Corker
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  • For Easy Insertion Of Straight Wine Corks into Wine Bottles.



  • Handheld corker with plastic iris jaws. 



  • Use one hand to squeeze the levers that compress the cork, the other hand operates the plunger lever.



Tony’s Tips

Of course, a proud owner of three hands would be way ahead in a bottle corking race with this useful device but two hands will operate the corker admirably and certainly finish in second place, on the other hand, a “Uni-Manus” competitor may surprise their onlookers with their naturally enhanced, single handed dexterity, created as a result of greater focus due to the economy in Metacarpels and beat everyone else - hands down! . . . . Sorry! I'm engrossed and fascinated with the brave and honourable individuals competing in the UK Paralympics at the moment!

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