VinClasse Italian Style Red 23 Litre - 7 Day - Sugar Required

VinClasse Italian Style Red 23 Litre - 7 Day - Sugar Required

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  • Makes 23 Litres / 5 gallons (Approx 30 Bottles) Of Italian Style Red Wine - Ready To Drink In Around 7 Days & Will Improve Further Over Following Weeks.



  • VinClasse 2kg Wine Kits Contain Approx 1 1/2 Litres Of 100%, High Quality Varietal Grape Juice Concentrate, To Achieve A Well Balanced Wine, Near The Commercial Equivalent. You Will Require 4kgs Of Additional Sugar



  • Kit Includes Grape Juice, Extract Favouring, Wine Yeast / Nutrients, Stabiliser, Finings & Full Easy To Follow Instructions.



  • Requires Basic Wine Making Equipment & Bottles (Not Included).


Tony's Tips

30 bottles of good quality wine in 7 days! . . . . VinClasse "White Box" wines  are exceptional value for money.  Did you know that Italy is now the World's largest pruducer of wine? "Italian Red" indicates  High Quality Red Wine in the Italian Style rather than a particular Grape or Region within this renowned wine producing Country. This kit definitely lives up to the highly acclaimed reputation synonymous with Italian Red Wines especially if infused with  Oak Chips at the start of the first fermentation (also available from Balliihoo) and then finally left to mature in the bottle for a few weeks . . . . Patience is a virtue!

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