Stainless Steel Manual Tomato - Grape Squeezer

  • Stainless Steel Manual Tomato - Grape Squeezer
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  • Traditional Style, Stainless Steel, Rotary Tomato Squeezer - Also Suitable For Grapes And Other Soft Fruits



  • Clamp To Your Work Surface, Fill The Hopper With Whole Tomatos And Rotate Handle Clockwise To Achieve A Smooth Puree



  • Rotate Handle Anti-Clockwise to Disassemble for Easy Cleaning



  • Height 30cm - Width 18cm max - Depth 23cm max


Tony's Tips

"I say Tomaito you say Tomarto" . . . . . . what ever your take on Tomartoes, you need this for your Tomato Juice, Tomarto Sauce, Tomartow Chutney, Tomartoe Soup, or more importantly your "Bloody Mary" great to drink and easier to say and spell right. 

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