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Still Spirits Turbo Yeast (PURE)

Still Spirits Turbo Yeast (PURE)
Still Spirits Turbo Yeast (PURE)
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  • This Is The Turbo Yeast To Use When You Require The Highest Quality Alcohol 

  • The Fermentation Takes 6-7 Days To Achieve 21 Litres Of Wash At Approx 15%. Requires 6kg Of Household Sugar or 7kg Of Brewing Sugar

  • An Ambient Air Temperature Of 18 to 24 Needs To Be Maintained To Ensure Complete Fermentation.

  • This Is A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Turbo Yeast Development Making It Possible To Produce “Triple Distilled” Quality Alcohol.

  • It Is Essential To Use Turbo Carbon When Fermenting With THis Yeast To Acheive The Desired Purity

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