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Apple Wine

5kg (11 lb) Assorted Windfall Apples

(Mostly cooking (70%, include a few Eating (20%) and some Crab Apples (10%))

1kg Sugar per 4½ litres of Must (2 ¼ lb per gallon)

Approx 2 litres (3½ pints) Water to cover the Apples

Pectolase and Campden tablet

Champagne Yeast and Nutrient


Do not use fewer Apples than mentioned.  Cut out bruised portions and maggot caves.  Slice or crush the Apples and drop them into a bin containing the Water, Pectolase and a Campden tablet.  Cover and leave for 24 hours. 

Stir in the Active Yeast and ferment on the pulp for 7 – 8 days, stirring thoroughly twice a day. 

Strain out and press the Apples dry, then measure the liquor, stir in 1kg Sugar to every 4½ litres of Must and continue fermentation under an air lock. 

When fermentation is finished, rack into sterilised storage jars, add 1 Campden tablet per gallon and keep for 2 months. 

Rack again and if necessary add Wine Finings. 

As soon as the Wine is bright, rack again and store until it is 6 months old, then bottle. 

Note: “All Purpose” Yeast may also be used.  250 grams white grape concentrate can also be added per 4½ litres of must, and improves the wine substantially.  Reduce the sugar by 200g.