Prohibition Sloe Gin - High Alcohol Liqueur Ingredient Kit

  • Prohibition Sloe Gin - High Alcohol Liqueur Ingredient Kit
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  • Makes 4.5 Litres (6 Bottles) Of Sloe Gin In 3 Weeks.



  • The Prohibition Range Of High Alcohol Kits Will Allow You To Make More Alcohol In Less Time Than any Other Home Brew Kit Available.



  • You Will Also Need 1600gms Of Sugar To Ferment And A Further 800gms For Sweetening.



  • Final Strength Approximately 21% ABV - You Simply Will Not Believe These Liqueurs Are Made From A Kit.



  • You Will Require Basic Brewing Equipment For 1 Gallon (6 Bottles).


Tony's Tips

Now! . . . . I'm not a great fan of spirits because I have a minimum alcoholic beverage intake speed of about 120 mph - (120 mouthfuls per hour!) fine for the odd pint of beer or even a bottle of Lambrusco but anything stronger I  would need  help standing up after 5 minutes. Having said that, these 21% Prohibition creations are within my safety level when enjoyed along side a bottle of mineral water. I must say, they are very easy to Make, Drink and Enjoy, the trick to a successful result is to follow the instructions implicitly, and maintain a constant 20C temperature during fermentation.

There are quite a few excellent flavours to choose from. This is a low cost alternative to Hayman's, Plymouth or Gordon's Sloe Gin Brand and easier than Finding, Cleaning, Picking, Pricking and Infusing the Sloes with sugar (and other substances) yourself in your favourite Gin and then waiting weeks or months for the  result in the hope that it will meet your most optimistic expectations!

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