Prohibition Northern Mist - High Alcohol Liqueur Ingredient Kit

  • Prohibition Northern Mist - High Alcohol Liqueur Ingredient Kit
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  • Makes 4.5 Litres (6 Bottles) Of Scotch Mist Liqueur In 3 Weeks.



  • The Prohibition Range Of High Alcohol Kits Will Allow You To Make More Alcohol In Less Time Than any Other Home Brew Kit Available.



  • You Will Also Need 1600gms Of Sugar To Ferment and a Further 800gms For Sweetening.



  • Final Strength Approximately 21% ABV - You Simply Will Not Believe These Liqueurs Are Made From A Kit.



  • You Will Require Basic Brewing Equipment For 1 Gallon (6 Bottles)


Tony's Tips

Now! . . . . I'm not a great fan of spirits because I have a minimum alcoholic beverage intake speed of about 120 mph - (120 mouthfuls per hour!) fine for the odd pint of beer or even a bottle of Lambrusco but anything stronger I  would need  help standing up after 5 minutes. Having said that, these 21% Prohibition creations are within my safety level when enjoyed along side a bottle of mineral water. I must say, they are very easy to Make, Drink and Enjoy, the trick to a successful result is to follow the instructions implicitly, and maintain a constant 20C temperature during fermentation. There are quite a few excellent flavours to choose from. This is a low cost alternative to Scotch that's too good to be Missed!

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