Pack Of 2 x Bubbler Airlocks To Fit Demijohn Including Bungs

Pack Of 2 x Bubbler Airlocks To Fit Demijohn Including Bungs

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  • Plastic Bubbler Airlock and 1 Gallon Rubber Bung - Pack of 2 - PLEASE NOTE That Due To Very High Demand Bubblers May Vary Slightly From Those Pictured.


  • Used To Allow Gasses To Escape From Your Fermenting Must or Brew Whilst Preventing Airborne Contamination.


  • Suitable For 1 Gallon Glass Demijohns.


Tony's Tips

Combination deal of Plastic Bubblers x 2 and Bored Rubber Bungs x 2 with all the advantages and Tips previously mentioned for these individual items, but twice the value in this twin pack!

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Brian's Rating: 5/5 (Created: February 23, 2009)
Great pair of air locks complete with bungs that work a treat. They have a top chamber to catch any overflow and have a cap on top to do away with the cotton wool.

DJ Fulford's Rating: 5/5 (Created: June 10, 2014)
While making crab-apple wine, I found that my old airlocks and corks needed replacing. These Bubbler air locks have rubber bungs included, so make very useful replacements. They are now in use with a batch of crab-apple wine in standard demi-johns.

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