On The Rocks - Raspberry And Lime Cider With Real Fruit Flavouring

  • On The Rocks - Raspberry And Lime Cider With Real Fruit Flavouring
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  • 1.7Kg Ingredient Kit, Makes 40 Pints Of Raspberry And Lime Cider, Full Instructions Included.



  • Requires 1.3Kg of White Sugar or Brewing Sugar.



  • On The Rocks Fruit Ciders Use High Quality Apple Concentrate And A Large Fruit Flavour Pack Which Contains Real Fruit Juice.



  • Each Kit Produces 40 Pints Of Extraordinary And Refreshing Fruit Cider With An ABV Of Around 5.9%



Tony’s Tips

I wouldn’t have put Raspberries and Limes in the same salad to be honest, but combined in a Cider they truly complement one another! Ritchies on the Rocks Cider Kits use real fruit juice for a more intense, natural taste. This Kit, as with any other, benefits from using filtered water or bottled spring water. Stir well when adding flavouring to remove possible sulphur nose. Compares well when left to rest for 1 – 2 months with fine Kopparberg Fruit Cider imported from Kopparberg Bryggeri, Sweden. The Cider is crystal clear, fruity, strong and quite thirst quenching (for a short while!) . . . . I’m sure, you too (with a little perseverance) will find Raspberries and Limes are indeed good partners in this delectable fruity cider.

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