Nylon Jar brush Brush (Cranked)

Nylon Jar brush Brush (Cranked)

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  • Cranked Nylon Jarbrush.



  • 17 Inch - 43cm.



  • Ideal For Cleaning Demijohns.



Tony’s Tips

A specialised design for Demijohn cleaning in particular, yet still very useful for a myriad of other uses from: Gutter Cleaning to assorted Dubious uses in the Bathroom! Reaches those bits that other brushes just can’t get at! Remember to label the task each brush is used for and keep them for that purpose even when sterilised with VinClasse Steriliser & Cleaner or VinClasse Sodium Metabislphite, it’s the thought that counts! Quality Wine and Quality Gutter or Loo cleaner are always best dealt with by separate equipment!






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Deborah's Rating: 5/5 (Created: June 5, 2013)
This product was ideal in cleaning parts of a demijohn hard to reach with a straight bottle brush. Highly recommended.

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