Fruit / Grape Press - 20cm - 4.2 Litre Capacity

  • Fruit / Grape Press - 20cm - 4.2 Litre Capacity
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  • Hand Operated Small Rotary Press For Grapes And Other Soft Fruit



  • Steel Construction With Stainless Steel Strainer And Collection Bowl



  • Cage Dimentions - Height 16cm - Diameter 20cm


Tony's Tips

You can press anything in one of these (well Almost!) but Grapes and other Soft Fruits are ideal.

The Value of this neat 4.2 L Capacity Stainless Steel Fruit/Grape Press is fully appreciated when you consider other possible fruit Crushing  alternatives such as crushing your fruit under foot or using a Trouser Press!  both methods are messy and particularly, in the case of just a Small Team of Semi-Naked Grape Treaders, Difficult to Control!

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