Dried Pitted Sweet Cherries - 500g Bag

  • Dried Pitted Sweet Cherries - 500g Bag
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  • Dried Pitted Sweet Cherries, Ideal For Making A Cherry Wine When Fresh Cherries Are Not In Season Or In A Blend For Any Dried Fruit Wine Recipe
  • Also Ideal For Steeping With Spirits For A Cherry Vodka Or Gin
Tony's Tips
It's dark, rainy, windy, cold and unwelcoming outside - typical British weather for 90% of the year including the majority of the summer months! so lets stay in and harvest some Dried Cherries out of the Kitchen cupboard and make some Jam, Biscuits, Cakes, Tarts or more fun, Cherry Brandy, Cherry Wine, Cherry Schnapps or Cherry Gin . . . .
Copious recipes are offered for free on the Internet via Google, however, please see our full 10 point guide below to create any "Balliihoo Cherry Surprise" from scratch (a detailed Cherry wine recipe is published in our website recipes section - see the home page).
1) Get some Dried Cherries delivered from Balliihoo or come into our Shop in Cheddar Somerset and save the postage.
2) Hydrate the Cherries in the recommended quantity for one, two or several recipes.
3) Boil, infuse or steep the cherries with the appropriate ingredients or add to the dish as recommended.
4) Cook, Heat, Mix and do whatever is suggested for your particuler dish or tipple.
5) Wait 'till it's nearly ready.
6) Taste, taste again, and again adjusting as you go, Taste again, get a trusted friend or family member to taste the result too, adjust if necessary, repeat this process until you're happy with the final result.
7) Taste again finally to make sure it's great.
8) Check the final contents list, rewrite the recipe to match your final added ingredients then rename it to call it your own.
9) If there is any left, finish it off (Fall over!) and prepare to mass produce a load for later consumption with your pals or on your own if you can be greedy without guilt! 
10) Wake up, get up, do it all over again . . . . enjoy!!
Phew! what a hard days night!


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