Bored Rubber Bungs - Pack of 5 - To Fit 1 Gallon Demijohns

Bored Rubber Bungs - Pack of 5 - To Fit 1 Gallon Demijohns

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  • Pack of 5 Bored Rubber Bungs to Fit Glass Demijohns (Demijohn Not Included).



  • Bored to Allow Fitting of any Standard Airlock.



  • Dimensions Are Diameter (Top) 32mm - Diameter (Bottom) 28mm.


Tony's Tips

Rubber or Cork? that is the big question, the answer to which depends on your personal preference, the considerations are, Rubber being more serviceable, lasts longer, Cork is Traditional and may enhance finish and wine character, but inferior or overused Cork may allow air ingress to the must, Rubber can in extreme cases (where no airlock is used) spring from the Demijohn under pressure, and cork is less flexile and may be harder to push fit. Lots of pros and cons for either, but rest assured that these Bored Rubber Bungs are of the best quality and won't let you down if used correctly and replaced when necessary. To ease installation and create a good airtight seal, wet with a little cooled, boiled water prior to inserting an Airlock and placing the bung in the Demijohn.

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