Beer & Wine Bottle Reseals - Clear Pack Of 20

  • Beer & Wine Bottle Reseals - Clear Pack Of 20
  • 30 In Stock
  • 20 x Plastic Snap Tight Reseals To Fit All Types Of Crown Cap Bottles



  • These Handy Plastic Caps, Snap Tight On Any Crown Cap Bottle To Keep An Unfinnished Drink Fresh For A While (Not For Pressure Sealing Initial Brew).



  • Also Handy To Keep Washed Bottles Dust Free.



  • Please Note Bottles Not Included.



Tony’s Tips

Ever tried to reseal a bottle with a used crown cap? I know I have! I’ve still got scars to prove it and a few oral wounds and chipped enamel where I’ve attempted to refit them with my Gnashers, please don’t try this at home or anywhere! just admit defeat before you  start and buy these Clear, Beer  Bottle Reseals, they are cheap, effective and Humane, or better still, just finish your beer!




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