Balliihoo 5 Gallon Pressure Barrel / Beer Keg With LCD Temperature Indicator

Balliihoo 5 Gallon Pressure Barrel / Beer Keg With LCD Temperature Indicator

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  • 5 Gallon / 25Litre Pressure Barrel With Handle, Dispensing Tap & 2" Vent Cap.



  • Comes With LCD Temperature Indicator.



  • Please Note This Barrel Comes With 2" Vent Cap, To Use Co2 Injection An S30 Valve Cap Is Available - See Our Other Items.



  • Used For Pressurising & Dispensing Of Beer After Fermentation.



Tony’s Tips

How did life on planet Earth start and flourish without: Sellotape, the Hoover, Sliced Bread, Marmite (for some!),  D.I.Y's Black & Decker Workmate, or the Guitarist's “Fender Strat."? . . . pretty tough, I guess! I now emphatically add this Balliihoo 5 Gallon Pressure Barrel to that sacred list of life’s  essentials. Mine just keep going and going, brew after brew without fuss.

A Long Handled Nylon Brush, also available from Balliihoo is a good addition, to enable cleaning inside the barrel between brews . . . . . unless, of course, you know someone with 2" wide hands to get in there with the bathroom nail brush! . . . . . also for the 2" cap seal, use specially formulated, Pressure Barrel Seal Grease available from Balliihoo to ensure a good airtight seal with no fear of Contaminating the brew.

To ensure good pressure retention, there is a very useful Steel "C" Spanner for tightening the tap into the Barrel available separately from Balliihoo.

Finally, keep a few replacement 'O' rings to ensure a perfect seal every 3-4 uses.


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Louiepickle's Rating: 5/5 (Created: October 1, 2011)
What can I say, the product turned up exactly as the confirmation e-mail stated, and the quality is excellent, very sturdy and a joy to use. A great product at a very reasonable price. I would recommend this company and product to everyone.

Fraser Smith "fsmith"'s Rating: 5/5 (Created: August 5, 2012)
this is a grait wee keg perfict for beer and lager it came in time for christmas so it was put to good yous straght away

Chris's Rating: 5/5 (Created: March 3, 2015)
I have just purchased my first pressure barrel to go with my first lot of home brew and what a easy system it is to use, no adding gas so simple even me as a female could understand it.

Mr. Duncan S. Macleod's Rating: 4/5 (Created: May 9, 2011)
This was my first use of a barrel (having always used bottles previously) and in my opinion its a lot less hassle than using bottles. For a start you don\'t have to sterilise loads of bottles and waste time funelling sugar into each one! My only gripe is with the loss of CO2 from the barrel: My firs.. Read More

Mr. T. Carrick "Nerakath"'s Rating: 4/5 (Created: March 2, 2009)
This seems to be the cheapest barrel you can get and does it\'s job well by containing Co2 pressure during carbonation. A couple of things though, DO NOT overtighten the tap or the washer gets squeezed too much and distorts the washer meaning Co2 and beer starts to leak around the seal (not by much .. Read More

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