Balliihoo 5 Gallon Pressure Barrel / Beer Keg With LCD Temperature Indicator

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  • 5 Gallon / 25Litre Pressure Barrel With Handle, Dispensing Tap & 2" Vent Cap.



  • Comes With LCD Temperature Indicator.



  • Please Note This Barrel Comes With 2" Vent Cap, To Use Co2 Injection An S30 Valve Cap Is Available - See Our Other Items.



  • Used For Pressurising & Dispensing Of Beer After Fermentation.
  • Dimentions - Height Of Barrel Incuding The Vest Cap Is 42cm, Diameter (Excluding Tap) is 34cm 



Tony’s Tips

How did life on planet Earth start and flourish without: Sellotape, the Hoover, Sliced Bread, Marmite (for some!),  D.I.Y's Black & Decker Workmate, or the Guitarist's “Fender Strat."? . . . pretty tough, I guess! I now emphatically add this Balliihoo 5 Gallon Pressure Barrel to that sacred list of life’s  essentials. Mine just keep going and going, brew after brew without fuss.

A Long Handled Nylon Brush, also available from Balliihoo is a good addition, to enable cleaning inside the barrel between brews . . . . . unless, of course, you know someone with 2" wide hands to get in there with the bathroom nail brush! . . . . . also for the 2" cap seal, use specially formulated, Pressure Barrel Seal Grease available from Balliihoo to ensure a good airtight seal with no fear of Contaminating the brew.

To ensure good pressure retention, there is a very useful Steel "C" Spanner for tightening the tap into the Barrel available separately from Balliihoo.

Finally, keep a few replacement 'O' rings to ensure a perfect seal every 3-4 uses.


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