Airlock Grommet

  • Airlock Grommet
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  • Spare Grommet for Use with Fermenting Bins/Buckets, Aperture Size Fits Standard Airlocks.



  • If You Are Adapting a Vessel to use an Airlock You Will Need to Drill a Precise 15mm Hole to Use These Grommets And The Wall Thickness Should Not Be More Than 3mm.



  • Not Suitable For Glass Bottles Or Glass Demijohns, For These See Our Range Of Rubber And Cork Bungs.


Tony's Tips

This Airlock Grommet will support the stem of the more lofty "Bubbler" Airlock due to its greater Aperture Depth as well as the shorter "Handy" Airlock normally used with  Fermenting bins with the standard shallow grommet. Wet the seal and Bored hole with cooled boiled water before fitting and inserting the Airlock Stem for improved sealing and smooth handling.

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