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A Basic Guide To Hop Varieties

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Cascade: Distinctive medium Bitterness, Flowery and Spicy aromas with Grapefruit overtones used widely in American Pale Ales and Lagers.

Challenger:  Spicy and Citrus notes, Floral overtones, Honey like smoothness quality suitable for all beer Types.

East Kent Goldings:  Unsurprisingly from East Kent! The original Goldings, other "Goldings" are grown elsewhere in the UK. Smooth and sweet for UK and USA Fine Ales and Beers, a distinctive Premium Hop,  more fruity than its neighbour - Fuggles.

Fuggles: Originated by Richard Fuggle in Kent. Low Alpha, Earthy and less Sweet than Goldings. Moderate Bittering, Soft Woody/Fruity overtones, ideal for Porter Ales, Pale Ales, Stouts and Dry Hopping English Ales.

Golding/Fuggles:  Aroma Hops for bittering and Late Hopping Ales and Beers. A blend of the two preceding varieties offering a good mix of their individual characteristics with Orange / Lemon overtones.

Hallertauer Hersbrook: Aromatic "Noble" Hop (Central European Hop), Floral and slightly Earthy but less spicy than other varieties, for European and USA Lagers and Beers, Bavarian Lager Beers and Pilsners.

Palisade: Originating from Yakima Chief Ranch in the Northwest of the USA, the name translates to "strong wooden fence" which has nothing to do with the fact that it is a versatile hop crossing over between Tettnanger and an American variety due to open pollination and may be considered a dual purpose hop for IPAs or American Lagers. Alpha content varies from 5.5% to 9.5%.

Progress: Higher Alpha content of 6% for added bitterness. A fine Aroma Hop originally grown as a replacement for Fuggles and combined with Goldings for High Class Bitters and Pale Ales. OK for most Beer styles.

Saaz/Cascade: Saaz hops from the Czech Republic are used in quality Pilsner Urquell and other European Beers and Lagers. Wonderful Aroma and Light Bitterness make it suitable for many styles of Lager Beers and Pilsners with the blend of Cascade Hops adding Floral and Grapefruit Overtones.

Saaz/Hallertau:  An Ideal Hop Blend for European and German Lagers and Beers. Saaz, offering a Cinnamon flavoured Spicyness and Hallertau Distinctive Bitterness form this Noble hop used extensively in Bavarian Beers.

Target: An English Hop, mid to high Alpha content, bred from Kent Goldings with distinctive bittering qualities for English Ales and Lagers.

Target/Goldings: An interesting combination of two English Hops