Balliihoo 5 Gallon Pressure Barrel / Beer Keg With s30 Piercing Valve Cap

Balliihoo 5 Gallon Pressure Barrel / Beer Keg With s30 Piercing Valve Cap

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  • 5 Gallon / 25Litre Pressure Barrel With Handle, Dispensing Tap & S30 Valve Cap (Piercing Type).



  • Comes With LCD Temperature Indicator.



  • This Barrel Comes With An S30 Valve Cap With Piercing Pin Which Is Compatible With The 8 Gram Co2 Injection System - See Our Other Items.



  • Used For Pressurising & Dispensing Of Beer After Fermentation.



Tony’s Tips

How did life on planet Earth start and flourish without: Sellotape, the Hoover, Sliced Bread, Marmite (for some!),  D.I.Y's Black & Decker Workmate, or the Guitarist's “Fender Strat."? . . . pretty tough, I guess . . . . . . I now emphatically add this Balliihoo 5 Gallon Pressure Barrel with S30 Piercing Valve Cap and temperature indicator that puts this item near the top of this sacred list of life’s absolute essentials. Mine just keep going and going, brew after brew without fuss. A Cranked Nylon Brush, also available from Balliihoo is a good addition, to enable cleaning inside the barrel between brews . . . . . unless, of course, you know someone with 2" wide hands to get in there with the bathroom nail brush! . . . . . also use Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) to lubricate the cap seal and keep a few replacement 'O' rings to ensure a perfect seal every 3-4 uses . . . . . Life's so good when you're organised!



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