5 Litre (1 Gallon) PET Plastic Demijohn With Airlock & LCD Temp Indicator - Pack Of 2

5 Litre (1 Gallon) PET Plastic Demijohn With Airlock & LCD Temp Indicator - Pack Of 2

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  • PET Plastic, A Great Alternative To Glass Demijohns.



  • Complete With Gromets, Handy Airlocks & LCD Temperature Indicators.



  • Re-useable & Lightweight.



  • Pack Of 2.



Tony’s Tips

Lightweight, lower cost, re-usable, transparent, holds 5 litres of wine and every bit as useful as the glass version, with one major advantage . . . . it won’t shatter if dropped, and one minor avoidable disadvantage . . . . it doesn’t warm to boiling water! This, as I discovered distorts the plastic to an unrecognisable Artefact which may just hit the mark at the Tate Gallery entitled “unintended work of a novice wine maker”. Use VWP or VinClasse Steriliser, Not boiling Water to sterilise before and after use!


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Bryceina Grigor's Rating: (Created: June 11, 2013)
As a novice and making my first wine this year I wanted something that would be simple, also lighter than the glass ones. I found them very simple to use, pop in airlocks, etc., and thoroughly recommend for a beginner like me. Looking forward now to end result. Hic?!

PatMac's Rating: (Created: June 11, 2013)
For the first time in many years, I am making wine. My old demijohns have long gone and I was a little unsure how such a cheap replacement would compare. I like the fact that they are so light to lift and seem to be doing the job very well. I like the temperature indicator. A good buy and I have sin.. Read More

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