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Solid Cork Bung Size No.3

Solid Cork Bung Size No.3
Solid Cork Bung Size No.3
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  • Solid Natural Cork



  • Top Diameter 45mm



  • Bottom Diameter 38mm



  • Depth 34mm




Tony's Tips

There are many uses for these larger Cork Bungs sizes 1 - 8, you will know the purpose for which they are needed, maybe an older type Carboy, an Acid Jar, Biscuit or Sweet Jar, Jam Jar, Money Box, plugging a Plastic or Cardboard Tube for carrying your Life Drawings home from Art Group nonchalantly so others can't laugh at them! Yep that's what I've used them for in the past, among other temporary hole plugging activities which just escape my memory at the moment. Any other uses? Please let me know.



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