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California Connoisseur 6 Bottle - Sauvignon Blanc

California Connoisseur 6 Bottle - Sauvignon Blanc
California Connoisseur 6 Bottle - Sauvignon Blanc
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  • Home Wine Kit Makes 6 Bottles of Premium Quality Sauvignon Blanc Wine In Around 28 Days.



  • A dry, medium bodied delicate wine which is growing in popularity. Smooth and full flavoured with subtle grassy, herbal aromas. Includes oak chips.



  • Basic Home Brewing Equipment and Bottles Required, Full Instructions Included.




  • All Ingredients Included, No Extra Sugars, Yeasts Or Chemicals Required.


Tony’s Tips

California Connoisseur wines are all superb and often rate well above  wines bought at the supermarket! Just follow the exact instructions to the letter, watch the fermenting temperature 22c - 25c or as suggested and later the "cellar" or storage temperature which ideally should remain a constant coolish 15c in a darkish place.

One worthwhile tip is to thoroughly de-gass the wine when prompted by the instructions, as often as possible over a 24 hour period, a cylindrical wine fermenter is best used for this essential operation by briskly rolling the contents to quickly and easily remove the naturally produced Carbon Dioxide. (Make sure the fermenter cap is solid or firmly stopped!).

Sauvignon Blanc is the Blanc de Blancs . . . . in my opinion . . . . and yes, it is true to say other people's opinions are varied, but when this wine is made to this standard from these quality grapes I am confident I have nailed my flag to the right mast! . . . . . the favourable metaphors just keep on flowing and become even more bizarre after a few glasses of this delectable nectar. . . . So . . . . Bottoms up!











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