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Solomon Grundy Platinum 30 Bottle - Rose

Solomon Grundy Platinum 30 Bottle - Rose
Solomon Grundy Platinum 30 Bottle - Rose
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  • Makes 30 Bottles Of Rose Blush Wine In Just 7 Days - Full Instructions Included


  • 7kgs Of Grape Juice, Requires No Additional Sugar - Just Add Water


  • Ready To Drink In 7 Days, But Improves Further With Age


Tony's Tips

This quality wine is very popular due to its "Ready to Drink in 7 Days" promise combined with the relative ease of production. As the old Nursery Rhyme goes "Born on a Monday . . . . Christened on a Tuesday, etc. etc. . . . . forget the Saturday and Skip a few weeks ahead! It is true to say that the wine improves when left  to mature for a few weeks in the bottle, but this is not everyone's cup of tea! There are those (possibly impatience being the trigger!) that prefer the sharper tangier finish of a freshly bottled wine to the more rounded softer matured style, all a matter of choice. French Oak Chips, not included in this kit  added to the must at the start of fermentation can produce a more complex finish to the wine . . . . it's all a matter of personal choice . . . . Keep experimenting, and be sure to take notes!  

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