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VinClasse Yeast Vit - 100g - Nutrient

VinClasse Yeast Vit - 100g - Nutrient
VinClasse Yeast Vit - 100g - Nutrient
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  • A carefully formulated blend of soluble inorganic salts, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements to correct nutrient deficiencies in wort.


  • Usage: 1/2 Teaspoon per 25 litres.


Tony's Tips

Remember "Yeast-Vite"? well it's back! . . . .The Premise written  on that packet was, and still is "Speedy Relief From Tiredness", but this tub, (the brewers alternative), is spelled "Yeast Vit" and offers a similar  Re- Energisation Antidote for Tired or Slow Yeast . . . . So! . . . . if your Fermentation is slow or stuck,  try this VinClasse Yeast Vit to re-energise your wort . . . . . Warning!  . . . . You're not meant to use it to Re-Energise Yourself! . . . . . however, if you do, and it works! please let me know, we may Make A Fast Fortune if we discover a new stampeding World Wide, Niche Market for VinClasse Yeast Vit, Dual targeted to provide an instant solution for Tired-Slow Yeast as well as Slow-Tired Brewers!

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