Smartstill 4 Litre Distiller / Water Still

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  • This Unit Is The UK Model - Suitable For Home Distillation & Purification Of Water.



  • Compact & Easy To Use, Comes With, Carbon Filter Holder, 2 Pack Of Carbon Filters, Residue Cleaner, 1 Pack Of Smart Rings & Full Instructions.



  • Smartstill Accessories & Spares Available.



  • Can Be Used To Distill Alcohol - NOTE Please check the law in your country (Illegal in the UK).



  • Power Consumption 335Watt (Total) - Heater 320Watt, Fan 15 Watt



Tony's Tips

Once you've tested and tasted pure water as delivered by this miraculous distiller you will never go back to drinking any less pure water. As well as distilled water for drinking, don't forget your Car Battery and Steamer Iron needs Distilled Water from time to time so there's another reason to invest in a Smartstill . . . . Oh. and, by the way, incidently, purely as a matter of Interest only, I have heard via the Grape-vine the Smartstill can of course be used in certain countries for the Distillation of Alcohol . . . . . (but that's another story!)

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