SPECIAL OFFER - Youngs Micro Brewery - American Amber Ale - 40 Pint Starter Set

  • SPECIAL OFFER - Youngs Micro Brewery - American Amber Ale - 40 Pint Starter Set



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Usual Price £59.99 - Reduced to £49.99 - On Special Offer As End Of Line (Good BBE Date Mar 2020)


The complete kit for beginners.

Contains all the equipment, ingredients and instructions to make 40 pints of quality American Amber Ale at approx 5.4% ABV. No additional sugar required. Once you have used all the ingredients included in this kit, the equipment can be used to make any of the beer kits in our range.

Ready in around 3-4 weeks.

Includes a 5 gallon pressure barrel for serving the finished beer.

It includes:
33 Litre/5 gallon fermenting bin with grommet, handy air lock and stick on thermometer
5 Gallon Pressure barrel with attachments for the injection of 8 gram CO2 bulbs
Plastic bulb holder and 8grm CO2 bulb
Large stirring spoon
Hydrometer and plastic trial jar
Syphon tube
Youngs Cleaner/Steriliser 100g

Created as another twist to the tail of the American pale ale the Amber ale takes all the hop attitude of the pale ale and adds another dimension with added malt character.  Originating in the Pacific North west this is a fairly recent style that is finding favour with beer aficionados is now enjoyed all over the United states.

Don’t be fooled by its name this may be an amber beer but we’ve packed it full of hops from two parts of the globe! Pacific Jade from New Zealand, Cluster and Summit from the United States. These hops are characterised by their hard hitting spicy and pink grapefruit flavour, giving a superb aroma working beautifully with the amount of malt we’ve been able to pack into this beer. Our Specialised Dark ale yeast strain also helps to lift this beer from the ordinary accentuating both the malt complexity and the hop character. 

Our beer pours a fantastic amber hue with a rocky off white head, hop character oozes from the glass giving you a heady mix of spicy black currants, pine sap and grapefruit.

On the palate this beer shows its mettle effortlessly melding the juicy caramel and toffee malt characters that belie its strength with a fantastic and complex hop flavour that actually leans towards juicy pine sap balanced with a good bitterness but not over bearing.


Pours light brown, fluffy white head.


Soft rounded aroma, subtle foral and slightly spicy.


Perfect soft malt character with a rounded mouth feel, enchanced and held together with a floral hop character with pungent tones of pine resin, and subtle earthy undertones

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