Brewmaker IPA

Brewmaker IPA

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  • 1.8kg Kit, Makes 40 Pints Of Quality India Pale Ale, Full Instructions Included.



  • Ready To Drink In Around 14 Days.



  • No Artificial Preservatives, Colourings, Flavourings or Sweetners.



  • Requires 1Kg of Brewing Sugar or Beer Kit Enhancer.



Tony’s Tips,

All Brewmaker kits are fast fermenting, fast clearing and use genuine brewers yeast to eradicate the yeasty “off” flavours sometimes associated with some home brewed beers. This kit needs little extra effort but additional luxury is guaranteed with a good Beer Kit Enhancer in equal addition to Balliihoo VinClasse Brewing Sugar to make up to 1Kg-1.2Kg. Try adding some of Balliihoo's  Hops such as Progress or Golding/Fuggles with ales like I.P.A. to enhance the Aroma and taste to your liking.

Finally, add Beer Finings to promote a speedy clearance to start enjoying your results ASAP!



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R. leivers's Rating: 5/5 (Created: February 11, 2008)
I have used Coopers for my IPA brewing in the past but thought I would give Brewmaker a try as it is cheaper. The result is excellent and I was not too accurate with the times and temperatures that Brewmaker recommend. I would advise using the light spray malt instead of sugar (I used 500g spray m.. Read More

luvbubbles's Rating: 5/5 (Created: October 20, 2011)
This is our second purchase of this brew, it is just as if it was pulled from a pump in a pub! Cant recommend this enough, it only takes two weeks after formenting! Three weeks for stunning beer :)

Mr Paul Simmons's Rating: 5/5 (Created: June 5, 2013)
I\'ve been brewing for about a year now and have done 8 barrels so far. Out of all the brews I\'ve tried this is by far the best tasting and this is now the 3rd occasion I have used the product. One improvement you may want to consider is rather than using the brewing sugar, consider a beer enhancer.. Read More

Rita Rose Smart's Rating: 5/5 (Created: June 14, 2013)
Great Stuff Easy to prepare and it tastes marvelous. No complaints at all. Great value for money and I will definitely be returning for more!

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