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1 Litre PET (Plastic) Clear Bottles - Pack Of 24

1 Litre PET (Plastic) Clear Bottles - Pack Of 24
1 Litre PET (Plastic) Clear Bottles - Pack Of 24
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  • Food Grade Plastic, Re Useable 1ltr Bottles With Caps



  • Suitable For Both Still And Carbonated Liquids. Their Ability To Withstand High Internal Pressure Make Them Ideal For Secondary Fermentation Including Elderflower Champagne



  • Gold Screw Top Caps With Tamper Evedent Strip, No Need For Capping Tool



  • Caps Can Be Re Sealed Several Times, Replacements Are Also Available



Tony’s Tips

PET = Polyethylene Terephthalate; the combining of two Monomers, Modified Ethylene Glycol + Purified Terephthalic Acid. Better still, these inexpensive reusable, food grade plastic bottles with screw caps are ideal for alcohol and solvents as well as other soft drinks.  Please label the bottles! . . . . It’s just the thought of pouring your favourite tipple from a bottle previously inhabited by Dandruff Shampoo or Extra effective loo cleaner! . . . even when thoroughly cleaned and sterilised after use! PET will handle carbonated or pressurised liquids up to 150psi. Also available in 500ml size.




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