Festival World Beers 3.5kg - New Zealand Pilsner

  • Festival World Beers 3.5kg - New Zealand Pilsner
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  • 3.5kg Kit, Makes 40 Pints Of Finest Pilsner At Approx 5% A.B.V



  • Contains 3kg Of Premium Liquid Malt Extract, Additional Pacific Jade And Pecific Gem Hop Pellets, 350g Of Additional Brewing Sugar, Genuine Brewer's Yeast Strains And Priming Sugar



  • Rock Melon Comes Through On Palate With Perfect Bitterness



  • All Ingredients And Full Instructions Included


Tony’s Tips

These Festival World Beer Kits are super,  easy to brew and require no additional ingredients or enhancements, unless of course, you are into Bespoke Brewing from already exceptional Kits!

Tip 1: Try all the kits in the Festival range.

Tip 2: Adhere to the instructions implicitly for each kit! . . . . the kit names are reminiscent of their commercial counterparts i.e.  Belgian Pale Ale at 5.5% ABV, Vienna Red Lager at 5% ABV, New Zealand Pilsner at 5% ABV, U.S. Steam Beer at 5% ABV and Belgian Dubbel a  Strong Dark Beer at 7.2% ABV.

With this choice from Ritchie Products it's Festival season all year round!





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