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Brewmaker Pilsner

Brewmaker Pilsner
Brewmaker Pilsner
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  • 1.8Kg Kit, Makes 40 Pints of Quality Pilsner Lager, Full instructions included.



  • Ready to drink in around 14 days - Fast Fermenting - Fast Clearing.



  • No Artificial Preservatives, Colourings, Flavourings or Sweetners.



  • Requires 1Kg of Brewing Sugar or Beer Kit Enhancer.



Tony’s Tips

Fast Fermenting, Fast clearing, Fast conditioning, Fruity, Full bodied, Flowery after-taste, Fine Flavoursome Finish, in Fact this Fantastic Brewmaker Pilsner Finds all the “F”s and is Forever Found as a Firm Favourite with Family, Fair-weather and Far-Flung Friends (and Forgotten Foes) on any Fun or Festive occasion  or Formal Function . . . . Any “F”s I’ve Forgotten?  . . . . and Finally . . . . “Fisahatak!”. . . (Arabic for; “to your health!”. . . . the only “F” Fronted “Cheers” I could Find)



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