Meet The Team

Meet The Team At 'Balliihoo Homebrew'

Started in 2008 by Brad & Paul, 'Balliihoo Homebrew' has soon grown. So we thought it was time to show ourselves and let you know a little about who does what.


brad individual picture


Brad Fisher - Co Founder of 'Balliihoo Homebrew'.


Answering your calls and technical questions, Brad maintains images and listings on the website.

So if something is missing or incorrect he's the man to tell.

Or call if you just want to know the size, capacity or how to use something. Also the most handsome member of the team!


Paul Ganfield

Paul Ganfield - Co Founder of 'Balliihoo Homebrew'.


Product Sourcing, Stock Management And Purchasing Are Pauls Thing!

A Keen Sportsman (Although You Wouldn't Know It To Look At Him)

Thats Because Those Sports Are Darts And Pool.



Steve Individual


Steve Penning - Joined the team as a casual Christmas worker....and never left!


Steve picks and packs your orders and also runs all the social media and newsletters.

He likes to experiment with beer brewing and likes anything different! Look out for one of his more succesful creations, Coffee Stout.



rachel individual


Rachel Jackson - Office Admin


Rachel joined us in March 2013. She answers your calls, queries, emails & deals with any problems that may arise with customer orders.

Rachel knew nothing about Home Brew or Wine Making before joining Balliihoo, but is learning fast & you can see her progress at Rachels Blog.

She likes a smooth running office and endeavours to keep the BOYS in line :o)




carole individual


Carole Phippen - Pop Master!


Carol picks and packs your orders and rarely gets it wrong!

She is one of the longest standing members of the team and has a "Special Talent".

When Ken Bruce,s Pop Master comes on Radio 2 at mid morning she manages very reasonable scores BUT she nearly always gets the guess the year questions bang on.




nigel individual


Nigel Williams


Nigel is in charge of the  Warehouses, unloading and checking in orders as well as making up boxes of bottles, jars and starter sets.




howard individual


Howard Pike - Despatch Warehouse


Howard is the second member of our team who just popped in for a few days to help out (Whilst moving from Unit 9 To Unit 27 Winchester Farm) & has been with us ever since.

He is in charge of order packing, stock control & the general day to day running of the Despatch Warehouse. He is a keen skittler, pub quizzer & darts player.

I can tell you that whilst average at darts he is good at skittles & VERY VERY good at quizzes, I only wish he was on the same team as me.




tony individual


Tony Ward - The Writer!


Tony does some order packing but is better known for the small articles and insights on almost all the product listings called "Tonys Tips"

If you visit us on a Saturday between 9am & 1pm it will most likely be Tony that will greet you with a smile :o)




michael individual


Mike Duckett - He's Casual!


Mike comes in to help us out with making kits, boxing bottles & jars during the busy Christmas period.

We all look forward to that time of year because it's a real pleasure to see Mike. He's always smiling & his up beat, happy nature is infectious!



James Felton Individual


James Felton - The New Boy!