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Crushed Munich Malt - Type 1 - 3kg

Crushed Munich Malt - Type 1 - 3kg
Crushed Munich Malt - Type 1 - 3kg
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  • Type 1 Munich Malt



  • For Use In All Grain & Partial Mash Brewing Recipes



  • Produces A Full Body, Amber Colour And Smooth Mouthfeel. The Flavour Is Malty And The Rich Aroma Has Notes Of Light Caramel And Honey. Munich Malt Is Typically Used In Darker Lagers & Ales, Especially Munich-Style Lagers And Bocks




Tony's Tips

Often used to 75-85% of the Grain mix, Crushed Munich Malt  adds the Classic Sweetness that is typical of the Beers from Munich. It can also be used in lesser amounts  in other beer types such as Belgian or indeed any other Brews to improve the malt presence. As usual keep good records to repeat a good result or to ensure you don't make the same mistake next time!

Available in 2kg or 500g size bags.

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